First of all, I would like to give a shoutout to pineapples for being so delicious. Even though I am slightly allergic to you, you are still number one in my heart. Tracking this product was more frustrating than I was expecting. The Del Monte website was extremely opaque, so I ended up getting a lot of the information about the history of pineapples and how pineapples are cultivated from the Dole website. Another thing that was hard to pin down was the exact farm that my pineapple was grown on. I traced it back to Costa Rica, but hit a dead end there (I’m looking at you Del Monte) so I watched a few videos and made the executive decision that it was grown on a farm called PINDECO in southern Costa Rica.
I also was bombarded with a great amount of propaganda on why the pineapple industry is EXTREMELY corrupt, but I didn’t see much of a difference between the agriculture practices in America and in Costa Rica. It’s all very subjective. Something that makes me wary is that it was stated in several of my sources that the working conditions for farmhands is not fair. Planting and harvesting is done by hand year-round to ensure that there is a steady supply to countries like America. One would assume that the days of crouching over planting and picking get long.
I do feel more connected to pineapple and I think that my perspective of pineapples has changed in that I am not only thinking of how much I love pineapple, but also of how much effort and time it takes for one to be grown— let alone the millions that are grown on one farm in Costa Rica. Seeing it on display in the grocery store will remind me of all that it symbolizes and its rich history. It has been called the crown of the table and I believe that it will always be that. And also, regarding the title of this blog post, people used to do that because pineapples were too expensive to purchase so it was common to just rent one to impress your dinner guests.

Alani Rinkenberger


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