Tracking Cheese Heads

I did my tracking assignment on Saputo Frigo Cheeseheads string cheese. The whole process was interesting for me. I was not able to track down even the simplest ingredients, such as milk, even with the help of my professor. Although, I was able to locate the general background of American string cheese. Calling the company that provides cheese for Frigo Cheeseheads was a little frustrating, since I called the national hotline that directed me to a consumer hotline. Within the consumer hotline, I was required to give out a long list of information that I was not able to provide for security reasons and also I just did not have half of the information it wanted. Giving out information was the only way for me to have the consumer hotline call me back and it wasn’t guaranteed that they would get back to me soon enough. I did some research and discovered why I was not able to track down a lot of ingredients. According to a food report, a lot of the ingredients were artificial and non-organic, and were probably processed with antibiotics and hormones. This tells me that Saputo might not want to admit to putting those substances in their products, especially with milk. I feel more familiar with the product, but I will not see it differently because I eat it so often. However, I will see Saputo, the company itself, differently because of the detailed product information they could be hiding. I don’t think the company should be trusted that much with their products.


Gabby Galvez


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