Reflection: Food Tracking AD (blog 2)

The story is that Kraft has joined forces with Heinz, becoming the 5th most largest company in the world. So in order to create more publicity, I thought was marketing for a unique audience. The fans of Japanese anime. Using a well known anime character to influence the consumer’s decision on which type to buy. During my time in a market, just about everyone took around 5 seconds to decide on what is good for themselves. Putting a well known anime character will immediately influence a person at the first glance. Also, putting in effort, is a big deal. The effort of the line, “I would give my arm or a leg for this” puts the buyers on a special understanding between the product and the consumer. it’s almost like sharing a small secret, since not every one watches this particular anime. You can compare this to a product with Disney cartoons on it. The only difference is that no one put in the effort to make it special that a consumer can connect in a deeper way. Since this is a comfort food, I believe making this connection on a deeper level is important. And eventually, the consumer will develop a flavor for it and will continue to buy this particular product. Personally, if I was in the position to select which type of macaroni and cheese, most likely, I would choose the anime version in a heart beat. This is true for any other fans for all ages.

-Kyung Turner


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