Brie Cheese

Brie is one of my favorite foods. My mom always buys it on special occasions and my grandma often sends me a wheel in care packages. I was a little nervous to look deeper into one of my favorite treats in the case that after my research it wouldn’t be my favorite anymore. I’ve learned that tracking dairy products is hard. No one wants to tell you where the cows are because most of the cows that provide the dairy for the big companies are mistreated. The Alloutte brand brie wasn’t trying to hide much, they had a whole page on their site devoted to the dairy plants around the country and all of the renovations they have done to make each one more efficient and eco-friendly. This gave me a good idea of what went on in each plant and also that the company is trying to give back and provide an honest product. The biggest shocker to me was the fact that the brie I have been eating for year wasn’t real brie at all. Real brie is made with unpasteurized milk so there is none made in the United States. I learned about the process of making this soft cheese and read about the different ways to eat it and I wanted to hop on a plane to France to indulge in the real thing. Now I feel familiar with the cheese, knowing it isn’t any more gross than the original idea of aged dairy. Anyway the idea with good cheese is; the stinkier the better!

–Hannah Williams


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