Coca-Cola Project

Now that I know that The Coca-Cola Company bribes universities to falsify research about whether the drink is healthy or not, I don’t I will drink it as much as I used to. It’s just the fact that they blatantly lie about their product contributing to obesity bothers me even though I have been drinking Coke for years. Now that I know more about what is happening behind closed doors I know that the company does sketchy things to support their image.

Choosing this product to study was a easy choice for me because I didn’t find anything about the Smithfield Pork Ribs. Coca-Cola has been a big part of my life especially in middle school. I have drunk a lot of it over the years and it has been kind of an addiction for me. Writing the paper was easy, there was quite a few websites with all the information I needed. The hard part of this project was the art aspect of it. I have never been good at drawing or creating art so this part was challenging for me. I procrastinate on every project I do even when I do not mean to. It has been a problem since high school and I still need to work on it. In the end I did I decided to do a drawing of the state of Georgia because that is where Coca-Cola was originally made.

Quinn Pacheco


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