Coconuts, coconuts are something that I had always admired. Not only is it great for its  luxurious, clean and crisp  taste of its juice on the inside of the coconut, its also great for so MANY THINGS IN GENERAL. While researching this product of mine, there were so many things that I have never even knew before researching this coconut. One thing that was quite fascinating to me was that, the coconut trees itself and the coconuts hard shell could be made as furnitures, and all sorts of things in many countries. Coconut oil (copra oil) on the other hand, is extracted from the kernel or the meat of mature coconut thats harvested from the coconut palm. A majority of the coconuts that are harvested, came from India. There are also coconuts that are grown from the United States, but a majority of the coconuts you see, is imported from Asia usually, and in tropical places. O.F Cook, was the man to have draw conclusions for the origin of the coconut. But than there were other assumptions for of which the coconuts origin was originally found at. So it was somewhat confusing where the original coconuts origin was found. Overall, researching the coconut, really provided me information that I have never even knew in the first place. I have learned a lot from researching coconuts, and wouldn’t find anything better to research! The next time I come across another coconut at a grocery store, I will always have this thought in my mind, saying that “Oh I totally researched about Coconuts in Design and Society! And now I know so much information about Coconuts”.                          -Jessica Souvanlasy





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