Food History (blog 1)

Food always has been a doubled edged sword for me. One part is filled with delicious cultural experience and the other is looking at it like if it was fuel. As a early personal history, I am familiar with Korean, Japanese, and Cajun dishes. But as I grew up and moved to America, I joined the military to soon find out, food is also energy/fuel. Through this experience, I viewed food as both reward and also a source of energy. Also during this period of time, I was also a non-commissioned officer in a infantry unit. This meant that I had to teach other subordinates that food can also be burdening, if you eat too much or the wrong types of food. Ultimately knowing to control your limits of intake. All of this went out the window, one year after my retirement. At this point, food became more of a comfort thing. Two years after this, I am now trying to undo all the crappy food I had and trying to focus on more healthier foods. This also requires monitoring the limits of foods.

Overall, I feel that I have been deprived of all kinds of foods that are out there in the world. I mostly know asian and southern USA foods. I guess after all this, the conclusion to this is understanding the how much is too much food, types of food, and not to be so limited that you are unable to enjoy the foods that you really do want to eat.

-Kyung Turner


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