Food Tracking: Olive Oil

               Tracking and finding out about the history of olive oil was great, and tracking the origins for Pompeian brand olive oil was much easier than I thought it would have been. It was an easy and fun process, mostly due to the fact that Ancient Greece is awesome. Coming in to the investigation I knew very little about how extensive olive oil has been throughout European history. I also had no clue as to what “extra virgin” olive oil meant, it’s just a limit of acidity that an oil can’t exceed, it’s supposed to mean purer and the like. I learned the process in which olive oil is produce; the olives are pressed and their juice/liquid is collected. This particular brand, Pompeian, sources their olives from all over the world, the most shocking country to me was Chile. After they collect them, they mix the olives from the different regions, and from what I could gather from their explanation, this saves time in production. I had my doubts about how good of a quality that could provide, one would typically think that different regions could mean different flavors. An interesting fact was that the bottles are green to protect the oil from UV rays, much like some chemicals are bottled in brown glass bottles. At the end of it all, I came out with knowledge from many different areas about olive oils; how it’s made, the fact that there are counterfeits in the market, the history that it carries. I can’t say that Pompeian olive oil is high quality oil, I simply don’t know enough to state that as a fact. But I can say for certain, they get their product on the shelf faster than other competitors, at least that’s what they claim.

 Jose Rojas  


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