Food Tracking

The product that I chose to research about were sausages, and because of this I learned a lot about where it came from and what’s it’s actually made out of. The first step I took in order to learn more about sausages was finding data or facts relevant to it’s background, and it turns out that they were actually one of the oldest foods in history, dating long before the ancient Egyptians, and also in certain countries around the world they all had a different type of cultural roots attached to them, making each type of sausages unique/special. So another step I took was that I actually got on a phone and called the Johnsonville company and got in an interview with a person named Linda, over the phone of course. It’s surprising to say that their pigs are grown naturally, treated with respect/care, and that all ingredients are fresh with no hormones added. But I wasn’t satisfy with these answers because I feel like they were hiding something. Even after doing the whole project, no matter what I found out, it’s not going to stop me from eating sausages ever again but I will start to look at them in a different way. But coming from a meat lover I need to know what exactly is in my food, so it’s a good thing that we did this project because now I feel more familiar with a product I normally eat. Overall the process in tracking my product seemed pretty easy because they were all on websites and articles, the only tricky part was calling and emailing companies because it took them a couple of days to respond.


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