Jif Peanut Butter

I found the process of learning more about peanut butter very interesting. Learning why it was created, in order to have a healthful, protein enriched paste for patients of Dr. John Kellogg who had no teeth and could not chew, brought to me an enriched prospective on the product. The first of peanut butter to be patented was for a humble cause, and since then has found its way into almost every child’s home. In my inquiry process, I found the timeline of peanut butter itself, and also the trials and tribulations that Jif the brand itself has undergone.  With more flavors, phases, and types then I can even find, Jif has transformed from just a traditional creamy peanut butter to a brand that progresses with the times. I always stray towards Jif peanut butter at the grocery store, and this project most certainly will not change my tendencies. Jif’s website and representatives made finding information about their product very accessible and interesting, just their website contains histories and processes the product undertakes. There are articles and presentations about everything you would need to know about Jif peanut butter all over that endorse yet also give you all the information you would need to know to make an informed decision on whether Jif is the right peanut butter. I like how welcoming the product’s advertisements and home stories are. Jif will always remind me of my childhood, and now knowing more about how and why it was created has made me want to always have it in my life.

-Emily Kimes


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