My Experience with Pineapples!


Having the opportunity to go to Safeway and track down a variety foods was a fun experience. I enjoyed, the whole process, especially being able to choose the pineapple as my main fruit to research and talk about. Growing up pineapple juice was my favorite; my mother would make it for dinner and every time we would go out to eat pineapple juice was what I order to accompany my meal. Therefore, pineapple being something that I grew up with, made me intrigued about its background. Researching the pineapple product was really eye opening, because I had never took the moment to stop and think about how we even have pineapples in our local stores. Most of the time people consume a product, but never really realize where it came from. As part of the assignment I called and emailed the company to get more information, but did not receive an answer from neither, which was the most frustrating part of the assignment. However, I was lead to their website where a full hand of information was provided. There I was encountered with, the origin of the pineapple, the cultivation process, historic stories and different sorts of things that the pineapple offers. Being able to research the pineapple, did change the way I view it, because I now know the richness of it and how important it was to people. I definitely, feel more familiarize with the pineapple and I think now that I drink or eat a pineapple I will remember what the pineapple has gone through to be the delicious fruit that it is today!

-Janeyry Reyes




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