Mystery mush

At first I thought I’d enjoy the detective lifestyle of tracking where Gravy came from and its many ingredients. When I first began my research I knew hardly anything about the substance but I knew my family actively engage in its consumption. That is what really intrigued me- I question what we were putting into our bodies. So I looked toward the internet for some answers specifically the Campbell’s website since I chose that brand during our trip to Safeway. When I approached the site it search bar was fairly easy to find but when I typed “Gravy” into the box all that would pop up was a ton of ways to make your own at home gravy. Which I did not know you could make so many after 15 minutes of scrolling through the pinterest board of every thanksgiving cooker I was left with zero answers. That’s when I had to pick up the phone and start getting some real information but every time I called I was put on hold and seemed like all the customer service reps didn’t understand why I cared what was in the product anyway. The only answers that I did get were that they’d hadn’t changed the recipe and all ingredients were listed on the can. A long and kind of stressful couple of days of trying to see which companies they associate business with and nothing- unfortunately. I probably will see Gravy a little differently I’ll always just have a suspicious feeling about it and all of its contents.

Kimberly Nunez


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