Nutella in a Nutshell

Through my process of tracking Nutella, I learned a lot about it. Before I researched anything about Nutella, I thought it was semi-healthy for anyone to be eating in small doses, but it’s actually terrible for you. I used to eat about a jar each week with pretzels thinking it was a healthy snack when in reality I was just eating tons of sugar. Throughout my process, I did a ton of researching. The internet was my main resource of information to research my product. Nutella actually has a website specifically created to give the history of the product, but a lot was not into enough detail as I would like it to be. So, after tons of internet searching, I called the 1-800-NUTELLA line and it was absolutely not helpful at all.

When I first asked the lady on the phone if I could track exactly where my product I just purchased came from, it caught her off guard. She immediately referred me to their website that only gave me their history. I continued to pry and eventually I got her to at least tell me where two of the factories were outside of the U.S. One is in Canada and the other in Mexico. After that was answered, I asked her where exactly each ingredient came from and she refused to give me the information. She continued to refer me to their website as if that would be the answer to all my questions.

So, because their call was not very helpful I relied mainly on the internet to help me figure out my information on Nutella. I don’t necessarily see Nutella differently, but I do realize now how bad it is for me and that I shouldn’t be eating a jar a week. Researching the product more thoroughly really brought that to light for me. As far as feeling more familiar with the product, I think I am. I have a more general understanding of where a few of the ingredients come from and how it is processed and I am more familiar with what I am eating.

Overall, I still love Nutella through the research, regardless of the sketchy phone call and the unhealthiness of it all.

~Sam Saxton-Getty


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