Plant Revolution

From the start I knew what plant based products were all about. However, what I did know was who innovative you could get with the product. I enjoyed looking more into Beyond Meat’s company. I learned that you can address so many pressing issues with just one product. For example, by simply switching to Beyond Meat’s chicken strips you can improve your health, address climate change, global constraint, and animal welfare. Beyond Meat is a transparent company and I can see how beneficial that is for a company because consumers stick to a precuts because of why the company does what it does, not for what the company produces.

Personally, I am not a fan of Beyond Meat food texture, but because of what their product represents and does to society I still consider it as one of my meat-free options. Now when I look at other unique products I wonder if they also have a mission that does something great and meaningful for society. I feel like companies that have transparency create products that become familiar to consumers. Transparency sure makes a business authentic.



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