Please Don’t Judge My Pic.(FOODTRACK)


The food item I chose to track down was a peach because it looks like a butt and that is interesting. It was fairly easy to find information on the peach. It was mainly a bunch of fun facts that I kept getting though, like did you no that large pit of a peach is called a drupe? Yeah, pretty intriguing, right? The only thing I had trouble with was the statistics on peaches out here in Oregon, I had to dig really deep into the internet to find just a little bit of stats and data on the darn fruit. Other than that this whole process was kind of fun and I learned a lot about something I never would have even thought twice about. Oh, the only difference, genetically, between a peach and a nectarine is the fuzziness or un-fuzziness of the two. Peaches have fuzz, nectarines do not, and it is that simple. Also, the fuzz on peaches comes from a dominant allele in genetic make-up of the fruit and nectarines are the ones with the recessive allele…so they are kind of the left-behinds. I won’t really look at a peach any differently now, though, than I did before. It’s all going to same place. I will, however, think about how much traveling it took just for the little peach to get to me. It’s kind of crazy to think about, really. Somewhere, there is a peach right now struggling to get to a store near me so it can be eaten by the greatest mouth in history.

Malik Ridgell.




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