Process of Tracking

During the project, there were complications due to companies not wanting to give out information. In the meat industry, companies do not want to give out information that may effect the consumer’s ideas or perspectives on the product. Even though I would call and send an email, I heard nothing. Looking on multiple websites from different companies, most of them would not give out any specific details about the feed, location or treatment of the cattle. When going to Safeway and asking where their steak comes from, all they mentioned was what box it comes in with the attached company brand stamp. I found that to be very shocking. The fact that not even the vendors are aware of the original origin and process of the meat is frustrating because as consumers it is our job to investigate and know where the food is coming from. Having information on the feed and the process being put into the cattle is beneficially for ourselves due to the fact that we are, essentially, putting that same energy and nutrients into our own bodies.

Going to the grocery store and looking at all meat products will be alarming in a way that it is a full process of the “unknown”. Not knowing where the farm is located, what kind of feed the company is using, the animal treatment and the whole process should be unacceptable. Taking this step into looking more into the process other than what it says on the package makes me more familiar with what is actually being put into my body.

-Mikaelyn Sych


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