Reflection of Tracking

My overall tracking process went exceptional. I came into the project thinking that i was about to uncover some unwanted dirt about a product i would eat all the time. My mother always told me not to eat boxed macaroni and cheese and that it’s bad for me. As i started my research on Annie’s shells and cheddar the deeper i dug the more good knowledge i came across. Turns out that their ingredients ACTUALLY are from real farms and are generated from organic and grass fed cows. This was a huge shock to me as well as the fact that the owner of the company is a millionaire but still lives on the same 8 acre farm where she was raised. I just think that is so cool and fascinating that she had a mission for her product and consumer and she held her word. She didn’t become corrupt with the money and actually used that money to open up school gardens and local farmers markets. The next time i see an Annie’s box i will be proud to know about all of the wonderful things that go into making their box of shells and cheddar. I now known that Annie’s will also be my go to box for macaroni and cheese and i will stay away from other products. It was such a relief to partake in this assignment because i take great pride in eating healthy and i have always been uncertain in whether or not Annie’s was making the cut or not and now i know it does.

  • David Kalas

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