The Case of the Cakes

I tracked down Market of Choice’s cake, much like a detective would track a murder case. I began with looking up the history of cakes and getting myself familiarized with them. Then I went to the local Market of Choice, which was located 5 minutes from my house in West Linn. Once there, I was given the pleasure to interview one of the employees who works in the bakery. We had a wonderful engaging conversation about the ingredients they use, as well as having an opportunity to get a backstage tour of the bakery itself. After my interview was done, I thanked him and he gave me a free cake as a thank you. I then proceeded to eat that wonderful piece of evidence and researched the local venders and farms he named for me.

It came to no surprise that when Market of Choice said their local, they meant they’re really local. Every ingredient they use to bake their delicious cakes is 100% Oregon grown/ hand-made. Coming into tracking the cakes, I knew what my final report was going to look like. I knew that Market of Choice’s cakes were baked with local ingredients, but it was interesting to go through that tracking process.

It’s easy for me to go to the market and buy a piece of cake, and its even easier to eat it when I know its made from local ingredients.

~Jordyn R. M. Battersby


About MadBatty

I have been described as many things. A tom boy, a nerd/ geek, an artist, a wisdom giver, a dreamer, an Otaku (anime and manga lover), and a little bit batty. The story of my past is one that must be told in person. So I'll just tell you that I have two moms, who've been divorced since I was 5. I used to be an F student but now I'm an honor student. And I've had a lot of strange things happen to me in my life. All in all, I am proud of who I am and no one can ever take that away. You can beat me till death but I will never give up. Besides you don't want me haunting your ass. This is my life. This is who I am. What more would you like me to say?

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