The origins of Nutella, blog post 2

When I was tracking down the origins, ingredients, and production of Nutella, I expected to find its origins in an existing large corporation like Nestle or something, but it came as a surprise to me to learn its very humble origins from a baker in Italy. When a product like that has an interesting history like that I do think it changes the way I see it, especially now that I know so much about it. Though Nutella did come from an interesting place, the next time I see it in a grocery store I probably won’t see it any differently, mostly because it might as well be the same as other chocolate sauces or other things like it, and even though it has an interesting origin it is basically on the same level as any other mega-corporation at this point, so that appeal is lost.

The process of going about getting the information about where Nutella is made and where the ingredients come from was very enlightening as well. Before this project I had no idea how huge of an operation the Ferrero company, which makes Nutella, is. Ferrero uses 25% of the entire world’s population of hazelnuts for their products, a shocking statistic to me. I knew Nutella, and Ferrero Rocher which is another hazelnut chocolate they produce, were popular products, but I had no idea they were so humungous that they needed so many hazelnuts just to make candy, which is what Nutella basically is. At the end of this project I am glad I learned more about Nutella and what is behind it, but I think that it remains the same in my mind as just another brand on the shelf, which says more about the interesting history of most food rather than anything negative about Nutella.

Nick Warne


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