Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese

As titled, the food item that I decided to track was Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese. I really like spicy food, so Pepper Jack Cheese is always a plus for me, since it has a nice kick to it. It wasn’t necessarily hard, but it wasn’t all that easy. The reason why I feel this way is because Tillamook’s website gave a lot of good quality information, but finding things about Pepper Jack Cheese from other sources than just Tillamook’s was somewhat difficult. And apparently, Pepper Jack is isn’t all that popular compared to others, so that didn’t really help. On the other hand, I was able to learn a lot about cheese in general, which I found very interesting. The process was pretty long and repetitive, since there wasn’t much on Pepper Jack Cheese specifically from Tillamook, other than their website, which was a bit irritating. There were just nutrition facts and one or two facts about it, so I ended up coming back to these over and over again, everyone of them similar to the one before.

I feel that I will see this product in a different way, but not in a bad way. I feel a lot more respect towards the farmers, workers, and even animals who together come to produce this product. The farmers milk the cows twice a day, once early in the morning and one last time later in the day. The milk is then delivered to the factory and reaches it within one hour of delivery, then the milk is immediately put into the process of making cheese. So, it takes a lot of work, and knowing all this makes me appreciate it in a whole new way, instead of the great taste it has.

Andrew Mai






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