Tracking down Special K cereal

My product was the Kellogg`s Special K cereal. Tracking this cereal in Safeway was indeed an exciting process. They had such variety within the same brand that it became very difficult at one point to choose amongst them. The Special K cereal line includes various flavors and different representations of breakfast products including wafers, protein bars, milkshakes and chips. It was really interesting to cover such details in the tracking process. I looked up the product online, called the company to find out where they got their raw materials from and also statistically represented the calorie composition of the cereal that contributed to its power of reducing weight. Given another opportunity, I would go into more specific details like the calorie content of each element that goes into the production of the cereal and how the consumer base accepts or looks at these products. I have always noticed how each store has a different set of products that do not necessarily include the entire collection offered by the special K line and would find out how they handpicked products of one specific brand and displayed only what the store thought, would reap them good profits. I have become really familiar now, as to how the tracking process needs to be done, what elements go into a good self-explanatory report of any product whose origin we are unaware of. It now has become easy to understand to correlate the raw data that we accumulate with a graphical representation to make it more appealing and easy to comprehend.

                                                                                                     -Gomathy Venkata Krishnan


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