Wonderful Halos

Overall I didn’t struggle to find a lot out about halos mandarins. They are part of a huge company which makes it extremely easy to find information due to their websites and ton of advertisements. Because they’re such a large brand I figured that there would be some things that I would not be able to find out, just because they wouldn’t feel obligated to share it like when called they redirected me to the website instead of giving me information. Because of this I wasn’t able to find what specific farms they grew their fruits on, only that they are all grown in California. Despite this, I’m not going to see halos any differently after this as to me it is just a fruit. They gave out enough information for me to know there isn’t anything extremely wrong with their product or business. From this research I haven’t become suspicious about any of their practices because they have been verified as a non-gmo by a trustworthy company, and it isn’t very questioning about how they make the product because it is a fruit. I definitely learnt a lot about mandarins through this assignment but don’t necessarily feel more familiar with them, I just know that I’d be able to answer a couple more questions about the fruit. I think overall, researching my product was relatively easy even though I wasn’t able to find all the specifics, and I enjoyed trying to dig up more information all around this small little fruit.

Cheyenne Hodgen


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