“Best” Foods didn’t impress.

I took on the challenge of tracking down the makings of the world’s most popular, and massively produced types of Mayonnaise. This mayonnaise is inappropriately distributed under the name of “Best” Foods, which may live up to its name in flavor, but certainly not in customer service or corporate transparency. Needless to say, I didn’t come up wth all that much dirt after getting thrown through the customer service ringer, and after dealing with robot answering machines for two companies (Best Foods, and their parent Unilever), I threw in the towel and reported with what I had.

I started my research off with a visit to the website for the Best Foods and Hellmann’s (a sister company), and came up empty in any location of ingredient sourcing or or packaging locations. To get this information I figured a phone call would suffice, but my shortcoming of speaking with a human on the other side of the line hindered my ability to ask my questions about any locations. As per regulations, the location of processing and packaging was noted on the label, and I then used this as my only known source of my product. It makes me wonder: if large corporations such as Best Foods are unable to tell me just where my food came from, is there something that I should be concerned about?

After seeing how difficult it is to scratch the hard surface of big food business, I now jaunt up and down the isles of Safeway with an intense feeling of skepticism. Sure, I’ve always had my doubts with the truthfulness of labeling, but the interworking and opacities that have been shown to me through this project making me think twice about how I buy food.

Parker Stidham


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