Food Secrets

Brands paint themselves to be a certain way. If the public thinks them to be a family business and a humane operation then they will have more support from the public. When they have the support of the public then they have more people buying their product. So they tell half truths.

These half truths are not necessary lies, but they use words that the public takes to mean one thing, that also can mean another thing. That way legally they are telling the truth, so they can’t really be sued and they trick people into thinking that its true.
This way of doing things causes confusion and tricks people into buying something that they might not have bought if they had known the truth from the beginning. The people who look into the things they say have a difficult time figuring out what the truth is  through all the smoke the company puts out. When they do this it causes distrust between the consumer and the producers.

The consumer can no longer believe in what that company is saying, and once loyal customers no longer buy that producers product. It leaves a permanent scar on that product. It looses reputation that it can’t get back. The thing is that the majority of people don’t look far enough to learn the real truth about a company.

They don’t realize what other companies are apart of that company, or where that company gets it’s goods. Which is how companies get a way with telling half truths, cause no one looks farther than the label.



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