Tracking my product, Humm Kombucha, was simple and successful. The company’s website was really helpful and questions over the phone were honestly and openly answered. Something interesting that I found was that it is possible that Kombucha was first created by accident. Someone once may have made a batch of regular sugary tea and set it aside forgetting to drink it.  After a few days, the tea was tasted and found to be very pleasant. Given that I was a big fan of Kombucha before I conducted the research, I love the product now even more. Humm Kombucha is an organic drink loaded with antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins B and C. I was glad to find out that the Kombucha that I have been drinking for years is made of only organic ingredients. This beverage consists of organic evaporated cane juice, organic green tea, organic black tea, and live Kombucha culture.

               To my surprise, I found out that Kombucha is one of the healthiest drinks available today. To list a few of its health benefits, it helps the digestive system, strengthens the immune system and fights cancer. Along with those, there are many more that even promote longevity.

               As of Today, I see Kombucha differently. Before my research, I saw this drink as a good tasting and somewhat healthy fermented tea. After my research, I began to perceive this drink as something that should be consumed daily for maintaining a healthy life. My research has led me to be more familiar and knowledgeable about this product.

Moisey Bezukhov


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