Mien Ching to Grain Meat

Grain meat is a very interesting food with a distinct timeline. It started in China in the 7th century when vegetarian monks were looking for a good substitute for meat and tofu. Upon discovery, monks all over eastern Asia thrived off of it. Later, it ended up in Europe and was adapted with European uses for grain. Thanks to globalism, the recipe and implementation has come to a small company based in Seattle known as Field Roast Co.


Field Roast was founded on the principle of pure veganism. They are known for denying the use of animals in all of their operations. They were founded in 1997 by David Lee, who had the idea of blending the European grain culture with the Mien Ching in Asia.
In my inquiry class, these were all things I had to discover myself via intensive research. From googling “grain meat” and “field roast” to calling Field Roast, I had to know everything that could be known about grain meat from the very beginning of its time. I learned a lot about the history of grain meat online. However, I had a hard time finding any information on the farms that Field Roast uses to get their produce. Upon contacting Field Roast representatives, the most information I could get was that they have a farm in Daabon, Colombia, that is harmless to its wildlife because of its geological position. They talked about how the palm oil farm is isolated from the parts of nature that could be harmed by palm oil farms. I wish they told me more about the sources of each natural ingredient in their products because it is incredibly important to know where your food comes from.


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