Not So Simple Orange Juice

The item I chose to track for this project was Simply Orange Juice. I chose this brand of juice because it is definitely my favorite and for some reason I thought it would be my most healthiest choice. At first I started out with doing Simply Lemonade as my product but came to a dead end with no information and no data on that branch of the Simply Orange company and label. Most of the information on the Internet about Simply Lemonade was that it was a juice brand that is part of the Simply Orange group. It became extremely difficult to find any information necessary to finish this project. So I switched to Simply Orange which gave me a wider range of data and history.

I feel that I somewhat see this product differently in some ways. For once, I thought it would be a healthier choice but found out that most of its taste and smell comes from fragrance that has been restored into orange juice that was once tasteless from going through chemicals. I realized that most of the delicious tastes comes from a mixture based upon what mass consumers prefer, not just simple or freshly squeezed orange juice. When I walk through any grocery store, I will change the way I look at things by now knowing that some of the more “healthy” items, are not as good as they are put out to be. With this juice I drink so often, I don’t think that I will stop drinking it.  I do think I have a little more of an insight about something that I consume often and that it does not live up to its name of being “simply” orange juice.


Lisa Tern


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