Story of Bacon

To understand a food product you must understand its history first. This is why I chose to start tracking down the history behind bacon as best I could (and also because it was part one of the four part project). I began my research with their Wikipedia page to see if I could find some interesting facts which led me to research their history first. I started with the history behind the product, tracking it back to as far as 1500 B.C. in China. I tried my best to find multiple sources in order to verify each article’s statements.

After finding the history I proceeded to find details about the product specific to the brand Oscar Mayer, Oscar Mayer’s Original Pre-Cooked Bacon. I started my search from their official website and began with their ingredients. From their I tried my best to find out the process behind the product and how they made it. A quick google search later I was surfing through another tab under Oscar Mayer’s official website looking at the steps they state each bacon product goes through (but one could never be certain unless they had hard evidence). I couldn’t get anymore info through a phone call as they gave me the same information on the website.

My last few searches were for data that was associated with bacon in general. This lead me to a recent studies of doctors relating to the World Health Organization. As I dug deeper many different articles from different sources all stated the same information and I decided to continue searching deeper within that topic. This allowed me to finish my tracking project as a whole.

The whole process was pretty simple but time consuming. The hardest part was finding the information. Whenever I ate this product I never really gave any thought about the origins. This actually makes me realize that it takes a lot of energy to get even the smallest product on our table.

-Cindy Yu


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