The Nutella Craze

The food that I choose was Nutella. I found that Nutella has a very fun interactive website. They have a timeline that takes you through the creation and modifications of what we now know and love. I mostly did all my research on the Nutella website. They also nicely laid out their ingredients and where they get them from. It was nice to see that a large company was so transparent with where their ingredients come from and how they are used. I feel like I know a lot more about the integrity and history of the company just from doing some research. I now feel like I should go and research more products that interest me and that I purchase. It is so cool to see what you can find about a product. I would have never known that Nutella was originally started in Italy. I feel like the more we know about a company and the ingredients that they use in their product the more we will be able to stay healthy as a society. The companies are not going to shout out if they are noble or not so we will have to the find that out on our own. I felt like I was a detective on a mission to find out the truth of what we are actually being sold. I could only find good things about Nutella and the Ferrero Company. To me it makes a company more inviting when they are not trying to hide information from their customers. Nutella just gained another lover.

-Michaela Kay #45


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