Udderly Chocolate

The process of tracking Tillamook’s Udderly Chocolate was super cool. It was frustrating that I couldn’t find some of the information I wanted, but searching through the Tillamook website was very informative. They had their history laid out and a bunch of random facts. Udderly Chocolate was actually named Brown Cow until a couple years ago when Tillamook changed the name because another company was already using it. I actually found a couple blogs talking about how much they missed Brown Cow and didn’t know that Tillamook didn’t discontinue the flavor, the name just changed.  I really wanted to find out where the chocolate was from, but I didn’t see any information online and Tillamook did not get back to me. I wish I did Tillamook’s Oregon Strawberry ice cream instead because it would have been cool to track down the farms the strawberries came from.

I won’t see the ice cream differently, it’s still one of my favorite flavors, but I do feel more familiar with the product. There wasn’t any information online about Tillamook’s dairy products being processed disgustingly I guess you could put it. If you go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory you can literally see cows everywhere just grazing on grass and the town smells like cows so I’m pretty confident that their claim of farm fresh milk is very accurate. It was cool to research a company that is owned by farmers and how the community in Tillamook is very involve with the Cheese Factory. It makes me want to visit! I was trying to go this past weekend because it was so nice out, but I had to work instead. Super lame. We should totally all go as our next class field trip! (:

  • Lilly Saeteurn

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