Oreo Is The Best

The Oreo is a very loved cookie by America and even the world. It is sold in over 100 countries and has been successful in selling 450 billion packages. While researching Oreo I wasn’t surprised when the company told me they wouldn’t give out any info that wasn’t on the site. I expected it because I feel like most companies that focus on processed food aren’t very keen on sharing their info. On their site it tells which ingredients they use in the Oreos but not where they get their products. Oreo itself was pretty easy to find information on. There were tons of articles and different links about Oreo, though I am not sure on the credibility of all of them.
I found out that Oreos are accidentally vegan. The reason for this is that a while back they started the process of being kosher so they eliminated the pig fat in them which was the only animal product in them. I learned that more people eat Oreos than not. I learned that different countries actually sale different types of Oreos, for instance, China sales green tea ice-cream flavored Oreos. Oreo is actually a knock-off cookie of the Hydrox cookie from sunshine. Oreo was actually created by the National Biscuit company four years after Hydrox cookies were released. The National Biscuit company is Nabisco. Fun fact the name Nabisco was created using the first two letters from each word in the original name. Oreo despite being a knockoff is still a bestselling cookie.
-Whitney Plantz


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