Our Table Field Trip Mini Report

The community space that they have at Our Table right now is pretty basic. It’s located on a grass field that is located right behind the farms grocery store. The community space is in a good area because people can see it right when the walk into the farm or walk outside through the back of the grocery store. The community space is about the size of a basketball court so there is a good amount of space there. The area is surrounded by wooden pillars; the wooden pillars make up the area of the space. There’s light attached and strung across pillar to pillar, there’s pillars inside the community space so it is well lit in the space when it’s dark. In the middle of the space there are at least 10 bales of hay. There is nothing that really stands out in this part of the community space, it’s pretty bland.The next area is the community garden. The garden is located right next to the community space behind the farm grocery store. The garden is big for a garden but again there isn’t very much in it. Most of the garden is just dirt with a bunch of dead leaves on top of the dirt. I’m not sure where all the dead leaves came from because there aren’t very many plants with leaves on them in the garden. In the garden there are some patches of different plants around but the plants aren’t very visually appealing. Some of the plants even look kind of dead. It looks like they attempted to make a walkway in the garden but I’m not 100% that it actually was a walkway.

10 Questions

Why isn’t the pond a part of the community space?

What purpose does the community space serve?

Does anyone use the community space?

Who designed the community space?

How does the community space make you feel?

Why are there more dead plants then alive ones in the garden?

What do they mean by “community”?

Is the garden a community garden?

How does the garden make you feel?

Who’s unfinished pasta and glass of water was on the table?

– Dustin Harold




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