Where Food Histories Start : NYC


Food has been influential all of my life, through family recipes, memories and flavors. Living in New York City makes great food easily accessible so I have had many types of food with all kinds of people and these all can create memories that will last longer than one might think.

My mother was young when I was born and was at the time, working in the food industry. She was a waitress at an amazing Mexican restaurant called Mexicana Mama. There the Chef Julietta would prepare amazing carnitas tacos, queso flamiado, enchilada suiza and more! She would always bring me food home, one of my favorite entrees listed above, with a grapefruit jarritos to compliment it. Even after she moved on to work in photography we would still eat from there at least once a week, but then one day we heard the news that they couldn’t afford to stay open anymore and that was it.

My father although not the most conventional man, is an amazing cook. Living in Venezuela he knows how to prepare empanadas from scratch, as well as all the meals his Italian and German parents had taught him through childhood. Whenever he would make me food I would always fall asleep right afterwards as if his food had sleeping powers.

One food that has been probably most in taken (unfortunately) is pizza. With it being so cheap and accessible (and delicious) in New York City my friends and I would binge on it daily. Day or night, you want a good slice, its not a far walk away. Now that’s something I cannot say for Portland.

Seamus Decker


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