A change

I had an opportunity to go to Our Table farms, and was more than a little under whelmed with the parking lot/ drive way. The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t even realize we had arrived until we were halfway down the driveway. It was dull, dirty, and it didn’t look like they had put a lot of effort in it.

There were leaves going all the way down one half of the drive way and a corner of the other half.In the photo you can also see a white pole with a mitten on it, and some hay bales. There doesn’t seem to be a hole lot of thought put into the entrance to the farm. It’s boring and underwhelming. If I was driving by I wouldn’t want to stop by to see what there was. in fact I wouldn’t care for it much at all and wouldn’t even know what it was from just seeing the sign, if I could see it even.

It is disappointing though because there is no reason not to go in there. It’s still in development but it is quite an interesting place and quite cute.There are some neat things to find there and lots to learn from them farm. They have good ideas and plans for the future of their farm, but the entrance makes it so some people who might of otherwise come by and could have become loyal customers.


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