A Quick Look at Our Table

When visiting Our Table Farm, I choose the entry space of the grocery store as my redesign target area. This entrance is important because it is the first thing customers and guests see when they enter the store. This areas’ main focus piece is a bulletin board of the the immediate right (maybe five feet long and three feet wide) where the employees can post new information and news. This bulletin area is also set up to have guests interact by writing their comments and memories on post-its allowing them to share a “food memories” with the people at Our Table. This is a great idea but it seems a little random and in a place of transition where people are more likely to just grab a basket and head to the main part of the grocery store. Two carts also shared the entrance area. The location of the two shopping carts was oddly places in front of the board kind of creating a barrier between the guests and their interaction with the comments and post-its or getting a closer look at the mission statement. The energy of this entry area was lacking. There was just nothing that really had that “wow” factor. As soon as you entered you eyes wandered quickly over to the grocery store or to the large windows leading to the back porch and you entry space wasn’t given two much thought or consideration. I was able to observe a family walk in to the store for the first time. A mother, father and a young (less than one year old) baby. As they entered they only took the time needed to skim the board for a moment and grab a cart. Their eyes were interested in the map of the farm only and they had no consideration of writing a “food memories” at that time of their visit. Their average time in the entrance was maximum 40 seconds.

What is the main purpose of the entryway?

How does Our Table want us to feel/react when we inter the front doors?

How does the organization communicate with the guests and customers?

Do people feel welcome to the grocery store?

Is there more that can be done using this space?

Is there more to offer to better an experience?

Does the grocery store environment influence the shopper?

What is your favorite store and why?

Was the layout practical?

Does the entry way leave a kind of “don’t judge a book by its cover” feeling?

-Jessica Meylor


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