My Farm Field Report – Entrance


The space I chose to observe was the front entrance. At first glance, there isn’t much in it.  It has a very long road, maybe 100-120 yards long. The road itself could easily fit two cars driving down it at once. On the right side of the road, closer to the main road is a red sign with the Our Table logo on it. There is also a smaller red sign below it displaying how the farm is organic and fresh. On the sides of the long road, there are piles of leaves.  On the right side of the road is a John Deere machine that is extremely rusted and old.  Also on the right side, there are random planters with dead trees and leaves in them. As you get further up the road, there are several parking spaces along the right side.. The road seems extremely and inconveniently long to go down if you are walking down it.

Some of the features that stand out about the front entrance are the red flags and the red sign with the logo. I thought they really brought the attention to the farm if you were to be driving or walking by. The two red flags are really high and are flapping in the wind most of the time so they are easy to spot. There are some room for improvement, but for now those features do a really good job of catching your eye.

This part of the farm honestly doesn’t feel very connected at all. It is so long and unattached to the rest of the space. That is why I chose to do this spot because I want to make it more connected to the farm as a whole. I don’t think the road and entrance have a serious relationship with people because right now it just looks like something you drive down. It isn’t anything more than that. It isn’t very welcoming, in fact it is more standoff like because of the bright red flags and red sign.


  1. Why are there two giant red flag poles?
  2. Why is the road so long?
  3. What kind of market is the farm targeting?
  4. What can we do to make the entrance more inviting?
  5. Why did they pick red for the flags and the sign?
  6. Whose properties are on the left and right sides of the road?
  7. Can we expand a little into their properties?
  8. Why is there not the logo on the market?
  9. Why is the entrance also an exit and why is there no stop sign?
  10. Why does the entrance look so gloomy and boring?

~Sam Saxton-Getty




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