Our Table and their Picnic Benches

I chose part of the community space located right outside of the back door of the Grocery Store. This is the area with benches for eating. The space is made up of three parts. The first section is directly outside of the grocery store’s two doors. It is made up of two benches, one long bench and two smaller benches. There are also three wooden columns that make up this section.

The second section is outside of the doors that lead to the mudroom/indoor seating area of the Grocery Store. It is wider than the first section because the building indents in this area. Three wooden columns, two supporting the outer edge and one towards the back, close to the door, section off this part. Underneath this is three hay bales. The hay bales are stacked, two on the bottom and one thrown on top.

The third section is long and skinny and sectioned off by two wooden columns. The only things in that section are two metal shopping carts.

This entire area is laid on top of concrete, and housed by an overlay tin roof. The sides of the building are two shades of red sheet metal with what looks like white vinyl siding. The overhanging roof is dotted with tiny light bulbs. The doors are also made of the white siding and glass.

I think the biggest issue with this entire area is that the benches are placed so that it is really hard to open the door.

Other than that, I can see, with a little work, this area would be a great place to hang out and eat.


-Gita Sterling


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