Our Table field Trip

After the tour on the farm, I chose to do the grocery store redesign . The grocery store had  a great supply of organic food. Everything I came across looked very delicious. Although the dark chocolate I tasted was 80% dark, it still tasted great to me. It didn’t taste too bitter or too sweet, but rather a balance between the two and gave the desirable taste I was after.

As I walked into the grocery store, I noticed how everything was set up. All the alcohol was set up, right across the entrance. The wine must be popular because it seemed like it was placed to be visible as a person walks in through the entrance. All the gardening tools were away from the food inside the grocery store. All the farming tools and cooking tools were put in the same area. The milk is in the frozen food section along with the yogurt and the nuts were packed together in jars near the the coffee. The rest of the food was set up like any other grocery store.

What stood out to me was the wooden floor. This gave me a reminder, I was on a farm.In a way aslo made it seem like all the food was for natural and delicous. I also noticed most of the products sold were non GMO. Most of the products I glanced at while taking pictures, had the non GMO sticker on them. Another feature that really stuck out to me was the lighting of the store. It was dimly lit, which made the wood floors stick out a bit more. The window by couch had a nice view of the farm. Overall, the grocery store was pretty well set up, but it could use a few adjustments.


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