Our Table Grocery Store


The grocery store at Our Table is an aesthetically well-designed space. It instantly makes the customer feel welcomed when they walk into it; it has a very cozy and intimate feel, helped by the notification board at the entrance complete with hand-drawn signs, a seating area with a fireplace, and a drawing area for kids (they even hung up some of the work made by previous visitors).

The space wouldn’t be described as large by most; it’s approximately 700 square feet. While this doesn’t allow for many shoppers to be in the building at once, it does, however, offer a boutique-like experience where customers won’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the space, free to ask questions and find what they need quickly and comfortably.

All produce have very straight forward, hand-lettered signs put up next to them; this adds to the notion that the store is independently owned, not your average chain supermarket. The signs advertising seasonal items are also hand-written. They also have pictures up of local farms, farmers, and their own farm, adding to the focus on being locally owned. Products are organized into groups onto tables and shelves, making the store easy to navigate. Gardening and household supplies are placed at the entrance instead of in the main area of the store, separating them from the food items. Also, the free coffee is a great bonus to the well-designed store!

While the shop in its whole is a very comfortable and well thought-out space, it could use some improvements. Firstly, the exterior of the store does not make it obvious that it’s a place for customers to go and shop; it seems more like a home. While this is certainly comforting and stays true to its cozy and welcoming atmosphere, it might be intimidating for some that end up seeing it as more of a person’s private abode than a locally-owned shop. It might need more signs that points the potential customer in the right direction.

In addition, some of the items are awkwardly placed. The household items are placed in a corner with very little lighting and little to no signs, making it seem independent from the rest of the store and more like the store’s cleaning supplies than items available for purchase. The souvenirs are also placed among the food items; while I don’t think this will keep customers from buying them, it might be better to isolate them. There are some cute vases and pots at the entrance on a cart, but they don’t have signs on them; I honestly wasn’t sure if they were for decoration or if they were available for purchase.

The grocery store at Our Table is definitely a very well-designed space that makes any guest feel comfortable and welcomed, but, like most things, could use some design improvements to point customers in the right direction.

-Dana Leung


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