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The entrance to the farm is a very important part of the farm as a whole, it is the first thing you can see when coming to the farm so it needs to make a good impression when you’re driving up. I noticed that it was not very focused on in terms of looking good, the only things there where two red flags, the little sign and the farm machine. I also noticed that there were a lot of leaves around the entrance that looked like they had been dumped there, since there were no trees. I don’t know why but the red flags really stood out to me because I don’t understand the point of them so they are definitely the first thing I would change. The entrance is obviously connected to the farm in more than just the literal way of being how you get to it. It is one of the main focuses and because it is so long it should be improved to give more of a welcoming feeling. The initial impression that you get from coming to the farm is given through the entrance so it needs to look like something that represents the farm really well. It also needs to be more people friendly, on the right side there is an electric fence which is obviously to keep the cows’ in but this could be unsafe for people if they decide to try pet them or get close, so a good idea would be putting something between the driveway and the other properties.

Questions I have:

-Why are there red flags?

-Where did the leaves come from?

-How can the parking be made better?

-Why is the color scheme bright red?

-How does it look at night, having no lights down the whole driveway?

-Could they use resources they already have to make it look better?

-How could you make the entrance more noticeable?

-Any way to get more parking space?

-Why does the paving end at the end of the driveway?

-Why don’t they have fencing or walls between the properties?

Cheyenne Hodgen


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