Our Table’s Community Area

The community space at Our Table farm was very underwhelming. As a community space, it should have activities or areas of relaxation for employees, guests or families. The community space has a flower bed, hay bales, wooden posts with lights strung across and three picnic tables. The farm should include play areas such as swings, slides, or a play structure made from the bales of hay. The plot of land with the wooden posts and string lights has the most potential to bring in people and that area could be used as an events venue. The farm could turn that area from a plain and barren grass patch to a covered patio and deck. There is also two “levels” to the community place (one section is higher than the other. One level could include the patio while the lower level can be used for seasonal activities, such as a pumpkin patch or Easter egg hunt.

A patio-inspired idea with the wooden poles could be used for community dances, picnics, gatherings or weddings. The multi-level setup can work especially well for weddings since this structure is situated on higher ground and guest chairs can be placed on the lower level. There were only three picnic benches but with this new patio, Our Table could add more.

The flower bed was the saddest part of the community area. There were no benches, no defined path or interesting design, and the plants were all dead. A flower bed or other communal garden should provide a calming environment for relaxation. To make this space more functional, the farm could add a brick pavement or sidewalk to allow easy travel throughout the flower bed. A fountain or a centerpiece, would add to the environment and ambiance for the community area by providing the sound of water and nature. The farm could definitely add seasonal flowers or plants so the community area has color year round.


~ Eric Dacosta Manilla


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