Skyler Hayes – Field Report


The very front of the entrance has two key features: a sign labeled “Our Table” and a pair of flags. Both are a bright scarlet color, so it’s fairly eye catching. Besides that, however, there isn’t much else interesting about the parking lot. It’s divided up into eight sections with a curb/tree planter in between each. Each section has five parking spots, defined by a wooden block in each spot. The spaces measure six feet wide, and thirteen and a half long. There’s two and a half feet in between each spot. From what I saw, cars have no issues fitting in.

There’s only one designated handicap spot, which is right up next to the store. At most, I’d say there should be two, though one is good enough. There’s a spot for emergency vehicles in the middle of the lot, which is good. On the side opposite of the parking spots is a long strip of dirt that I presume will be planted with flowers and bushes. At the time of inspection, however, it was covered completely in leaves and dead plants. The same goes for the dividers between parking spot sections. Honestly, the place looks dull; but it’s still winter.

As for missing features, there are no lights or sidewalks. I can imagine, if the place ever gets busy, this will be an issue. My idea is to either put a sidewalk where the long and dead strip of dirt is, or expand the area in front of the parking spots for one. And have a light source of some kind for each section of parking spots.

Also, the gate closing off the farm to the lot is ridiculously big. This is because it’s one long sliding gate, and not split into two. In any case, I do like the bright red flags at the very front. If they continued the pattern all the way down the parking lot, I think it would catch even more attention.


  1. How much business do they get?
  2. Do people have a hard time finding this location?
  3. Why are there no lights in the parking lot?
  4. How long is the store open?
  5. Why is their main color bright red?
  6. Was the entrance more or less the same when they got the property?
  7. How far out can they expand from the pavement?
  8. Why are the parking spots gravel, but the road paved?
  9. Who cleans up the  dead leaves?
  10. Do some cars have problems with parking?

-Skyler Hayes


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