Blog Post (Our Table)

          When on the field trip to Our Table, I chose to do the grocery store for our upcoming project. While in the grocery store, I saw a lot of interesting things. I saw that they had a lot of wine as their centerpiece of the store which I found to be quite odd because why wouldn’t they have some of their locally grown produce in the center of their store? That is something that I thought was rather interesting. Some other things I found to be peculiar was that they had leather chairs and a fireplace. I found that odd because I did not think it went well with the theme of the store. The store gave me a very home-like vibe. It was a nice isolated grocery store and I did not think the chairs and fireplace went well with the rest of the store. Some questions I would ask myself while going through the store is, how does the store benefit the entire community of farmers around them? I would like to know the impact that the store has on the nearby community. Another question I asked was, what kind of incentive does the store have for the people around it to go there instead of other stores? in other words, what does Our Table have to offer that other stores do not?

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