Community Space Re-Design

The space I chose to re design was the community space. The big thing I noticed about it was there was not a lot going on with it. This confused me because this was supposed to be where people would come to hang out and watch performances/entertainment. The space is mostly dead looking grass with large pillars around a stacked pile of straw to sit on. Next to the entertainment area there is a small garden that looks dead or at least not that well kept. I know it is winter right now but it still didn’t look that good. To make this space more enjoyable to spend time in I would add a roof over the 4 pillars so that it could be protected from the rain. Also putting a stage beneath that area would make it so much better for watching whatever entertainment there is. A community space is supposed to be inviting and make people want to use it and right now this one does not.


Questions: Why does the area for entertainment only have straw/hay and no chairs?


Why is the pond now part of the community space?


What plants are already in the garden and what plants can be added to make it more appealing to look at?


Why is there no flowers anywhere in the community garden when it is supposed to be nice to look at?


How can we make the community space more exciting for people?


Can there be a path added to the community area that leads to the pond?

— Quinn Pacheco


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