On Wednesday we went on a field trip to Our Table, a farm out in Sherwood that is a group of cooperative farmers and producers that work together to create handcrafted, thoughtful and delicious food for the community. Before we got to the farm, we were tasked with picking an area of the farm that we would like to redesign and take multiple pictures of that space and take notes, also. The space that I chose was the entrance. I chose this space because it was the biggest and it had the emptiest space, a lot of room for improvement is how I saw it.

As far as what was in my space, like I said before, it was actually just a giant area of nothingness. Well, mostly nothingness. Facing the farm: on the right of the entry driveway was a bunch of baby Christmas trees scattered all around the field type area and to the left of the driveway was literally nothing but grass…and two adorable cows, I don’t think that property belonged to the farm though. As far as the property that is theirs, I feel as though it’s just too empty-like. I think it needs more pop and fling. The wasteland area doesn’t grab my attention and make me want to turn into the driveway. My first thought to fix that was to just throw a carnival in that space to attract the kids. I don’t know what the dimensions of that area was but I believe that was more than enough space to put a carnival there and maybe even a Ferris wheel. I thought to myself like that sounds like a really great idea but it’s extremely unlikely. A more likely idea, though, is to put the animals over there to draw people in because like c’mon, who doesn’t want to see animals? I got that idea when I saw the two cute cows on the other side and it was extremely hard to resist the urge to risk electrocuting myself on the fence just to pet them.

There were other parts of the entrance that stood out to me that I would like to redesign, also. There was a small red sign with the name “Our Table” right at the beginning of the driveway and two tall red flags on each side of the driveway. First, I think the sign could be a tad bit bigger to make sure people see it when driving by because when we were coming I hadn’t noticed it until we walked back to that area to observe it. I feel like the farm is off in the cut where, if you’re not paying attention, you could easily miss it. So a larger sign would only help. Secondly, I understand that the two red flags were put there to indicate that you were now at the farm but I just didn’t like the vibe I was getting from them. They seemed kind of bland to me. I think if maybe they had a type of design on the flags or something that could pop. Maybe even taking the flags out completely and replacing them with some sort of arch-type entrance, almost to say that the visitors are entering “somewhere else”, wherever that somewhere may be for them.

That’s it, thanks.

Malik Ridgell


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