Farm Field Report

As we came across the “Our Table Farm”, something seemed so great but yet so different about the little farm grocery store. As you come across the front entrance of the grocery store, it seemed simple, yet very pleasing to my eyes. Something needed to be done with the front entrance of the store. It was plain, it was so neutral, it was kind of boring. Something that made up for the blandness of the entrance of the store, was the black chalkboard display. The black chalkboard display had some character written on it. I’m assuming whenever there is a special occasion coming up, or even a store special coming up, they would write it on the chalkboard with colorful, and bright colors. Thats what stood out to me the most in the front entrance of the store. When you enter inside of the grocery market, there seemed to be a specific color scheme going on around the store.  I myself, actually liked how the theme of the store was, but like I said in the beginning it was quite simple. Nothing seemed to pop out. What was the need of having a fake fireplace when having a fireplace in a grocery store seemed quite odd. I really liked the lounge area with the two comfy couches, but is it really necessary to have a lounging area in a grocery store? Its a grocery store, maybe needing a bench right there would be more necessary than having two couches. Overall, I liked how the grocery store was designed, but some items in the store, might need to have a little rearrangement going on.

Top Ten Questions:

  • #1. Are all of the produce in the grocery store grown locally?
  • #2. How many people come and visit the grocery store/ farm on a daily basis?
  • #3. Whats the most popular age group to come and visit?
  • #4. How is one suppose to feel when shopping around a local grocery store/ farm?
  • #5. Are there any benefits for working in a local farm? If so, what are the benefits?
  • #6. Whats the most popular item to be sold from the store?
  • #7. Do employees get any kind of special extra curricular activity fun day ?
  • #8. What do you do with all the food, that are soon to be expired?
  • #9. Whats so great about shopping locally/ organically?
  • #10. Are all organic products, really organic?


-Jessica Souvanlasy



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