Farm Field Report

12755052_906394726095622_631950555_oIn visiting the farm, the area where i shifted my focus towards was the entrance to the farm itself. In my opinion one of the most important things a place that is made to direct consumers towards is something to draw them in. The entrance was everything but inviting, it was awkwardly long, and looked unfinished. The pavement was not fully completed and around the entrance it was baron and forgotten. To make matters worse a majority of the parking space made for the customers was taken up because it had to be a fire lane. When you first got there, flags were posted up front at the very beginning of the entrance. The flags were barely legible due to the high amount of wind that day that prevented them from being read. I thought that this was ridiculous that a business had a sign in the front but you couldn’t read it due to some wind? The entrance would need some quick and simple redesigns which would include building a sturdy readable sign in the front that would be neon so potential customers would be able to tell what the place was even if it is dark outside. Next i would implement flower beds along the parking lot and would pave the rest of the parking lot (which i have no idea why it wasn’t done before?). Lastly along with the sign in the front entrance i would add in an arch that described what type of produce the farm has to offer so people know ahead of time what the farm has before even going there.

-David Kalas


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