Farm Field Report

Our Table’s Grocery Store is an important aspect of their farm. It brings people together and can showcase the type of food that Our Table produces and supports. Everything that is put into the store looks well thought out and holds significance. What I observed was that every section of the store had a theme to it. Right as you walked in, there were bulletins up reminding the customer of what’s new, different types of produce placed in separate tables, and refrigerators that held other things such as meat, soup, and pasta. The aspects that stood out to me the most was the wine table, lounging chairs, kids table, and the overall height and windows of the building. The first thing that you see when you walk into the front doors, is a beautiful display of wine. It really grabs your attention because of how it was set up and how much thought went into it. The lounging couches, fireplace, and kids table really show how much the people at Our Table thought about their customers and just people in general. A lot of thought was put into how they want their customers to feel when they walk in. The couches and fireplace bring the side of feeling casual and like a home, and the kids table makes the store enjoyable for any age. The height of the store gives it a sense of openness and more room where the space does not feel too small. The windows let the natural light shine through and lets the customers see the farm from every angle. The grocery store is vital for the the farm because I feel that it gives the community somewhere to talk and visit with one another. Our Table gets to interact with the people that supports them and their work through the grocery store.


Top Ten Questions:

  1. How does the space benefit the community?
  2. How can the space be efficiently utilized?
  3. How can the store differentiate their items between local and organic?
  4. Why is there no clear sign showing that the building is a grocery store?
  5. What is their most popular product?
  6. How do they reach out to people to buy their products?
  7. Why is there different types of display tables instead of just one common one?
  8. What is their goal of having a grocery store?
  9. How can the store be expanded?
  10. How can the labelling of their products become more clear?


Lisa Tern


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