Farm Field Report

While I was at Our Table’s Farm last Wednesday, I had the chance to visit both the grocery store and the community area. Upon observation and talking to Betsy, who works as a graphic designer for the company, I was able to mentally redesign these locations.

My Observations:

The grocery store, which contains but is not limited to fresh produce, seeds, spices and herbs, and many other products from other farms. It is a beautifully crafted store, with a homey but also classic feel. I think that the grocery store could use more artwork. Upon entering there are a few pieces done by children that were hung upon the wall. In addition to a larger variety of children’s artwork, I think there could also be more classical pieces throughout the grocery store. Whether that be just an elegant writing of the farm’s mission statement on the wall, or fitting to the theme of the grocery store, artwork of fresh food items. Near the beautiful fireplace nook with chairs, there is a children’s table with two chairs, which I believe could be expanded, and surrounded by more of that artwork previously mentioned. In addition to the changes in art, I would also make clear signage for each department of the one-room store. The only two signs that stood out to me were the signs for Eggs and Organic Bulk, which were on chalk board and were smudged and slightly sloppy. There should be bold signs for each area, to give it that classic grocery store aura. In addition to the big signs, the labels such as the ones for onions that show the item and the prices are hand written and not as aesthetically pleasing as they could be. Another topic that I discussed with Betsy was that there was not enough recognition for the other farms and companies that contributed to the grocery store, the only thing distinguishing them are their own labels on the products. There should be big, bold signs for these as well, especially considering everything from other places is all grouped with their like label. The local and organic products are also not super clear, and the means should meet the standard. One suggestion would be that there should be another sign clarifying what certified local means. Yet another part of the store that needs better recognition and clarification is the Our Table seal. Many products have the seal, but upon looking at it you would not automatically think that it was identifying the products that were brought by the actual Our Table farm. There should be a big sign, or a memo somewhere stating that this is the seal for Our Table, because not only is it clarifying but it also adds an element of pride to how far this farm has come.

The grocery store is an amazing representation of how well everyone working and designing here has done, and their label/seal should be recognized and advertised for everyone who walks through the doors.

My Questions:

  1. What could we do to make labels more clear in the grocery store?
  2. What could we do to give more recognition to other farms and companies who give their products to the grocery store?
  3. What other kinds of artwork could be contributed to the store?
  4. How could we expand the seating/lounge area?
  5. How could we make the area more kid friendly?
  6. How could we incorporate both the classic-homey feel of the store with the crafty-kid-friendly aspect?
  7. How could they better distinguish between local and organic products?
  8. What is the most important aspect of the store to maintain?
  9. What would be the most essential part of the store to change?
  10. What is the theme of the store?

Emily Kimes


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