Farm Field Report

For this assignment I chose to focus on the front entrance/driveway of the farm. The first thing that stood out was the small red Our Table sign located at the start of the entrance. As I was taking note of the sign, I notice that the sign had two solar panel flashlights that I assumed are used during nighttime. In my opinion I think the sign could be enlarge a bit as well as couple more lights to attract people even if there are just passing by.

The second and most obvious part that stood out was the long, dry, gloomy driveway leading to the grocery store. As I was walking from one end to the other, it felt like I was walking forever. For a costumer like myself, I would not mind the long driveway if only it was pretty and enjoyable. I felt like it need to be a little bit greenery and should have some sort of attraction that emphasizes what Our Table does.

Josh, emphasized multiple times that what they wanted as a farm was to make it a community friendly environment. Since blue berries are a big part of what they grow in the farm; why not display them in the driveway? They are not hard to maintain, and they look pretty every season. In addition it would give the costumer and idea of how the farm grows their products overtime. With this improvement, it would give the entrance a more lively and farm like vibe for customers to enjoy.

-Angel Martinez Villalta


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